Car Care


Preventive maintenance is a necessary expense to keep your vehicle in good running condition. Spending more annually on maintenance and repairs may sound like a lot, but it's nothing compared to the added expense of buying a new car, especially if your current car is paid off. In fact, by some estimates, every five years you drive your car after paying it off saves you the monetary equivalent of a new car.

To understand how, let's compare a new car to a paid-off car with standard maintenance. To make it interesting, let's stack the deck in the new car's favor by saying that you drive 30,000 kilometers per year, which is approximate average. In five years, that adds up to 150,000 Kms under your wheels, which translates to 40 oil changes, change of tyres every peridodically, Brack Pads and Brack disks and other miscellaneous service costs (filters, hoses, tire rotations and so on).


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Preventive maintenance may seem like an unnecessary car expense, but it often involves matters that you'll have to take care of sooner or later, and paying for them sooner will often be a less expensive undertaking. Most important is the fact that preventive maintenance will help keep you and others safe. And if you don't keep up with your car's preventive maintenance, you may find yourself stuck or in need have repair when you can least afford it. Following the scheduled maintenance recommendations in your owner's manual, checking fluid levels regularly and changing the fluids and filters periodically can minimize the risks of breakdowns and prolong the life of the engine, transmission, cooling system and brakes.

The following is a list of some key areas requiring preventative maintenance from the experts of SREE Auto Garage. However we recommend consulting your owner's manual for information about when to replace specific fluids and components, such as:

  • Change oil regularly

  • Monitor all fluids

  • Maintain transmission

  • Change spark plugs as required

  • Flush the radiator

  • Change all filters

  • Combat rust

  • Maintain good driving habits

So if you are driving a "maintenance challenged" vehicle, you need to pay closer attention to your fluids and filters on priority.